The services of Grinta sports help sport organisations, clubs, athletes and sponsors to build their brand. With extensive experience in the world of sports, Grinta knows what works best to engage with your audience.


Content Strategy

A sustainable content strategy including guidelines on how to share your brand story. A clear content strategy is the foundation of an impactful communication with the target audience. Grinta helps you focus on your brand story and translates this into a sustainable content strategy.

As part of the content strategy Grinta helps you prepare for the actual execution by developing guidelines that will help you kick start your marketing and communications.


Content Development

Assistance in the daily operations of developing and sharing content to engage your audience. The development and sharing of content as described in the content strategy holds the key to a powerful execution. Grinta can assist in this by providing several services around the process of content development:

  • training of resources
  • content production
  • community management
  • monthly reports and feedback

These services can be obtained casually on a vast monthly base or casually when the need is there.