PouwerPlay Tripod: 2018 Ironman World Championship Men's Race Preview ft. Blake Kappler (Ep. 06)

PouwerPlay's Rob Pouw is joined by pro triathlete Blake Kappler to preview the 2018 Ironman World Championship men's race. They start off talking about Blake's own Kona experiences (1:15) and his journey in the world of triathlon (3:30).

They then discuss the new Kona qualifying system and its impact on future race selection (8:20), racing with the best in world (11:10), and how respect for the elements in Kona influences decision making pre- and during the race (14:07).

They talk about the greatness of Jan Frodeno and how his absence might influence Kona race day (21:13), Lionel Sanders' experimental road to Kona and his unique ability to suffer (23:52), before predicting how the race might unfold (30:15) and who ends up on the podium (38:01).

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