PouwerPlay Tripod: Terenzo Bozzone on IM 70.3 Busso, a stellar 2018, and Kona ambitions (Ep. 04)

Superstar triathlete Terenzo Bozzone joins the PouwerPlay Tripod to discuss his stellar 2018 season so far and his ambitions for Kona. Coming off a win in IM 70.3 Busso, we discuss his unbeaten run in Ironman events and the drive to keep the streak going.

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Show notes:

1:00 IM 70.3 Busso: Altering his race plan after the cancellation of the swim, setting the bike course record, and winning the race.

5:38 On his current win streak and the motivation to be successful in Kona

8:57 IM Kona: planning his season around Kona and setting goals on the way

11:38 Pressure: how does Terenzo deal with increasing pressure and expectations?

14:30 Keeping an eye on the competition during the season and the camaraderie between athletes

16:09 Discussing the season planning with training blocks and race calendar

19:43 Nutrition: his go-to pre race dinner, the routine on race day, and post-race celebration food

22:38 Kona dream scenario

25:02 On returning to Busso in December where "the weather is reliable and the sharks are friendly"

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