PouwerPlay Tripod: Allister Caird on turning pro, injuries, and his comeback at Karri Valley Triathlon (Ep. 05)

Professional triathlete Allister Caird shares his journey in triathlon so far. Talking about his love/crash relationship with Ironman Western Australia, recent injuries, the planned comeback at his home-race Karri Valley Triathlon, and goals for the rest of his career.

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Show notes:

1:40 Allister's favourite race, training session, and triathlon memory

5:18 The start of a triathlon career and early thoughts of quitting after Kona

8:50 Getting the bug on his first Ironman while a multi-tool dropped from heaven

12:30 The key motivation to become pro

16:20 How injuries are part of the sport and how to deal with them

22:00 The beauty of the Karri Valley Triathlon

25:23 Going back to Karri Valley for to make his comeback after injury this year

28:29 'The Mike-Gee' bike challenge

30:50 Discussing his race calendar for 2018 and how full Ironman's affects the season planning

35:10 Looking ahead to the rest of his pro career

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