PouwerPlay Peloton: Mike Tomalaris on development and future of cycling broadcasting (Ep. 04)

SBS' sports presenter Mike Tomalaris is the newest rider of the PouwerPlay Peloton. He joins to discuss the development, future, and challenges of cycling broadcasting. Offering insights on broadcasting and commentary choices needed to be made to please both audience and sponsors.

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Show notes:

2:03 How Mike started covering cycling. Plus, his introduction in the Pouwer Play Peloton.

10:24 Aussie summer of cycling recap.

12:28 The positive signs and challenges for women's cycling.

17:40 How cycling broadcasts evolved over the years in Australia. And how ASO handed SBS the rights of the TDF on a silver platter.

21:10 SBS' effort to cater its cycling broadcast for various audiences.

23:44 Weighing in on the commentary debate: Keenan/McEwen or Liggett/Sherwen?

28:33 Obtaining broadcasting rights and bidding wars

31:28 The importance and reason for advertisement

33:45 How could cycling coverage change in the next couple of years?

37:05 Keeping fans glued to the screen with entertaining stages and on-screen info

41:22 The importance of being present at big sporting events and what's coming up on SBS Cycling Central

Follow Mike Tomalaris on Twitter: @miketomalaris