PouwerPlay Tripod: Felicity Sheedy-Ryan on her triathlon career, 2018 season, and Tokyo 2020 (Ep. 01)

Dual world duathlon champion Felicity Sheedy-Ryan joins the PouwerPlay Tripod to talk about her triathlon and duathlon career and how she handled the ups and downs on the way. "Flick" also elaborates on her collaboration with Trisutto coach Cameron Watt and the approach towards that big goal ahead: qualify for Tokyo 2020.

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2:00 Flick sharing her favourite race, favourite training session and best triathlon memories.

5:40 Getting in to the sport and giving triathlon a serious crack.

10:14 How she grew as an athlete throughout her career and how she handles the setbacks and enjoys the highlights.

13:58 On working with TriSutto coach Cam Watt and the search for the right coach in her career.

17:10 Life lessons for the young Flick.

20:07 Changes in training throughout the years and different training regimes.

24:48 Her 2018 plans and race schedule including a return to Busselton 70.3 in May.

26:36 Talking the Olympic dream and mixing up short and long course racing towards Tokyo 2020.

30:47 Competing in drafting versus non-drafting events.

34:06 The support of the team around Flick.

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