PouwerPlay Peloton: Iris Slappendel on women's cycling, introducing 'The Cyclists' Alliance', and being a sports director (Ep. 02)

Former Dutch pro-cyclist Iris Slappendel joins the PouwerPlay Peloton to discuss the current state of women's cycling. She tells all about her new initiative, a union for the women's peloton: 'The Cyclists' Alliance'. She also talks about her new part-time role as a sports director with Dutch continental team Delta Cycling Rotterdam and her own cycling apparel line I-RIS.

Show notes:

0:50 Cycling world in shock after Sharon Laws' passing

3:20 Induction in the Pouwer Play Peloton: Iris' favourite rider, race and cycling moment

8:05 The giant leap forward in the level of women's cycling

9:45 The spectacular development of former team mates Annemiek van Vleuten and Anna van der Breggen

15:40 On starting 'The Cyclists' Alliance' to seek fairness, equal opportunities and wages in women's peloton

18:42 The origin of 'The Cyclists' Alliance' and creating awareness at the UCI

21:00 First steps for 'The Cyclists' Alliance': opening the platform and getting recognised to fight for minimal ethical conditions

24:50 The importance of a better cycling calendar for women's cycling and creating their own narrative

30:02 Talking on her ambitions and drive in her new role as part-time sports director at Delta Cycling Rotterdam

33:35 Helping a younger generation of riders develop as a rider and a human being

36:47 The non-planned career path

38:15 Following the UCI sports director's course

40:36 Just do it. Founding and running her cycling apparel line I-RIS (I Ride In Style)

43:35 The inspiration and creative process of designing a cycling kit

47:54 Cycling jerseys that really need a re-design

48:50 Follow Iris Slappendel and I-RIS on Instagram and visit her website