''It makes cycling as easy as sitting in a chair!''

A blog created for Royal Dutch Gazelle after meeting a Gazelle bike rider at the national Ride 2 Work Day.

A part of Gazelle’s Dutch cycling culture is riding your bike to work. This year ‘s National Ride 2 Work Day showed more and more Australian people are starting to see the benefits of the commute by bike. 

So has Barbara from Perth, WA. She fell in love with her Gazelle Orange C7+ earlier this year and rides to work ever since.



Before riding to work, Barbara always used to cycle to the train station and take the train in. “But then I started hearing about e-bikes and thought: ‘That would be perfect, so I can cycle all the way!’”

And so it happened. Barbara bought an e-bike. “I have started cycling to work in January and I just love it. My daily commute is 18 kilometers to work. In the beginning I thought that was very far. But nowadays, when I am two kilometers from work I think: ‘Oh bother, I am almost there already.’”

‘Oh bother, I am almost there already.’

Bike of choice

The choice for a Gazelle e-bike was easily made. “Friends told me that if I would buy a bike, it had to be a Gazelle. So I went to the Perth Electric Bike Centre and they were extremely helpful. They let me test every e-bike and this one stood out for me because of its quality, the comfortable ride and the great reputation. It really makes cycling as easy as sitting in a chair!” 

I have saved so much money already by taking the bike.

“It was a bit of an investment, but I told myself that I deserve a great bike like this. And it was totally worth it. I have saved so much money already by taking the bike.”



The bike soon became more than just an easy way of transportation for Barbara. “I am just so happy when I am riding my bike. I feel absolute happiness. When I come home I am unstressed, have a fresh mind and have forgotten all my worries.”

“Plus, I basically started riding my bike everywhere now. I take my bike to visit friends or when I am going to the shops. Have you seen those two-wheeled trailers that you can attach to your bike? I am thinking about getting one to make the shopping even easier.”

I am just so happy when I am riding my bike. I feel absolute happiness.

So will we continue to see Barbara cruising through Perth on her Gazelle C7+? “Yes, definitely! Although, I have seen pictures of the new Orange C8 so maybe I want that one when it is coming out, haha!”

In the meantime she keeps encouraging friends and family to start riding their bikes to work as well. “It brings me so much joy and I really believe others will experience that too when they try it.”