Clubs show their DNA in May

May is the month when trophies are won and stories are born. In the Netherlands, it was the month of truth for the two biggest club: Feyenoord and Ajax. Feyenoord was locked in a tight battle with arch rival Ajax for their first league title since 1999. Ajax made a run in the Europe League and reached its first European final since 1996.

Nervous and exciting times for supporters of both clubs. With emotions running high a golden opportunity for the clubs to connect with their passionate fanbase. And not to connect them with the usual matchday GIFs on Twitter or meme on the Facebook page, but truly touch them by sharing what sets their club apart from all those others. With content that sticks and people will keep talking about. And maybe even look up months or years from now.

Both Feyenoord and Ajax did exactly that by creating a video that gave their supporters goosebumps and made them feel proud and a part of their club.

Feyenoord - Breathe in, breathe south

After clinching the title, Feyenoord, the working class club from Rotterdam with a fanbase that rolls up the sleeves and works at the city's docks, came up with the video below that absolutely gave me the chills. Although it is in Dutch and you may not understand the lyrics, you will feel the raw emotion of the footagecombined with the poem about the city and its people and the 18-year wait. When you watch it and understand the lyrics, you know what the DNA of the club from the south of Rotterdam is. Breathe in, breathe south.

Ajax - We Are Back

In the lead up to their European final against Manchester United, Ajax took the opportunity to remind the world how they reach success. Playing with the stars of the future, aiming to entertain their supporters. It is who Ajax was and will be.